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During September 2017, Whitetower was engaged to work with Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (ACSGN), to design, market and support them through a Cybersecurity Challenge event that ACSGN was running in Australia. The event involved over 900 of the best technical hackers in Australia working individually through a series of tasks to get to the end of the challenge. This involved 3 stages, where access to each stage would only be made available upon completing the current stage.

Our development team were really excited about this project as the event would put our team to the test. Since ACSGN engaged us to provide support during the challenge, we needed to ensure that the challenge tasks as well as the ACSGN main website were not taken down due to any potential cyber-attacks caused by the hackers.

After the challenge was over, our team saw over thousands of attempted attacks on the ACSGN website, many of which attempted to overload the server (DDoS) as well as inject malicious content and files into the system.

This exercise proved quite useful to put in practice our theoretical knowledge and act as a proof of concept for our services that we provide on a daily basis to our WordPress customers and projects.

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