FacebookThe One Platform Your Brand Needs

Who would have thought that what was started as a university social network would turn into the largest and most influential marketing tools and resources in the world? With over 2 billion daily active users and 93% of social media advertisers using Facebook Ads – it is one platform your brand needs to be on.

But, with so many users and so many brands, it can be hard to break through the noise. The key to breaking through on Facebook is about more than just adding your content to an already saturated market – it’s about strategy and implementation.

We can show you how to reach your desired audience in the most strategic way (by building tailored personas), so you cut through the noise and make the biggest impact with those who count: your target market. Let us help you take control of your Facebook presence.

Driving Engagement

What’s the point of posting consistently if no-one’s engaging with your content? We’ll show you exactly how you can build engagement on your Instagram to ensure your brand’s success on the platform.

Data Mining & Optimisation

By mining the available data on Instagram, we can show you exactly what keywords/hashtags and post topics are performing the best in your industry. You can then capitalise on this to create content that will really leave a mark.

Reaching The Right People

As a business, you have a specific market that you’re targeting. Our team can work with you to show you exactly how to use Instagram to reach that market. We’ll get your content in front of the people most valuable to your business.

Monthly Reporting

With monthly reporting, you can get clear insights into exactly how your Instagram profile is performing. From likes, followers and engagement metrics – we’ll show you what’s doing well, and how you can keep growing your success.

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