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A tight-knit team focusing on delivering performance for our partners and clients

Our team of digital transformation experts based in both Sydney and New York are masters of their craft, both technologically and as inherent as business-minded intrapreneurs their respective fields.

We have always held true to our inherent desire to build and grow our digital agency which consistently produces the best outcomes possible for our clients for the long term, in an environment where our people like spending their days and are given the opportunities they need to grow. To do this, we are determined to place culture and people at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

Our people are passionate about solving problems with technology and always strive to be their best selves every single day. These are the values that drive us.

Our Approach

We understand that each project is unique and that some degree of flexibility is required. We’ve refined our approach over the years, and you’ll benefit from our collection of tried-and-true project management techniques. Our approach is separated into four major phases, beginning with the first Research & Discovery session and ending with the launch.

Together, we’ll look into what’s feasible for your digital future. We bounce ideas off one another and use our knowledge to investigate all options and opportunities. After all, this is a collaborative team effort!

1. Research & Discovery

In this section, we will look at what is required for the project. We begin with a discovery workshop to identify all of your needs and examine your current state to inform the future state. The workshops we have with you and your team will cover topics including how you envision the customer journey, your website’s real goal, what functionality is required, and what kinds of integrations are required. Once we have all the info, we will design a UX journey and a full set of wireframes that map out your customer’s path.

2. Plan & Design

Your digital product’s success depends on addressing challenges, verifying hypotheses, and laying out a plan for the future. Our digital product specialists will support your company’s digital transformation, where we have developed a wide range of tools and techniques over many years to streamline this phase.

We probe about who, why, and why not. We aimed to ascertain critical issues before beginning conceptualisation, design, and delivery. We start with the end in mind; we research and then leverage it to inform our creative and compelling visual style.

We can only begin building the application after we have a complete understanding of your objectives and needs. The wireframes will then begin to take shape with design and colours in this step. We utilise a variety of technologies to allow you to see how the pages and design work together and experience the site before it is developed, so you can be completely satisfied before moving forwards with the “Build & Test” phase.

3. Build & Test

You may not be a digital specialist. But don’t worry, we’re pretty fantastic at it. We have some of the best developers, designers and marketers in the game, so we’re able to bring to life unique ideas, concepts and campaigns.

This is perhaps the most significant stage. Throughout the project, we will have several milestones, checkpoints and reviews. During the Build & Test stage, demos are provided that you can preview and comment on, allowing us to showcase our work as we progress through the project and to get the best solution possible for you by the end of this project.

4. Launch & Analyse

The launch schedule we employ to get your product live is heavily influenced by what we’ve created, such as a website, app, or back-end system

For instance, if we design an app, we will work with you to get it through the Apple and Google review processes, assist you in setting up the developer environments for both app stores, submit the final release, and ensure your app store page is properly supplied with imagery and content.

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