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Need to develop Microsites you control and not the head office?

The Challenge

Bringing the showroom experience online

AFG wanted help to reverse engineer the WIX platform and utilise it's key features to build their own custom website application. In addition, it had to match their existing Smart Online platform and improve on the user interface and SEO visibility to make it a viable solution for their users.

Our Approach

Microsites that excite

Active Daily Visits
Daily Online Demo Bookings

Since the two brands are targeted at completely different markets, this meant the design, information architecture and content roadmap and marketing for the two websites had to focus on different structures and setup.

For Neff, we designed a consumer-oriented microsite offering demonstrations, showroom consultations and recipes and competitions to drive traffic and to engage with Neff’s customers.

For Gaggenau, given it’s B2B play and brand residing with high-end luxury, the website had to be tailored around inspiration, luxury and resources to provide the best experience for Gaggenau’s main customers.

The WordPress CMS designed differently

The two websites were designed and built in WordPress, using a custom theme to ensure all the custom features and functionality was created to match their brands and needs of the business.

Both microsites were setup to as an enterprise solution that adhered to the security standards outlined by BSH Group’s DevOps team. Our team of engineers ensured that the product we delivered was secure and compliant with their guidelines and we supported the monthly penetration tests and fixes required to continually keep the site secure and up to date.

Both projects took a few months to complete, notably that our team focused on:

  • Securing the WordPress instance to adhere to Enterprise-grade software
  • Providing support to BSH DevOps team to setup the correct infrastructure
  • Improving the load times of both websites

Technical SEO Support

Drop in Bounce Rate
Averaged Page Load Times
Increase in organic traffic

Building a strong online presence required a multi-faceted approach, involving PR marketing, PPC and a solid technical SEO implementation. BSH Group engaged Whitetower to ensure what they were doing for the marketing campaign across their other channels led to a strong, well-built and structured website that could reek the benefits of the additional traffic and awareness provided through their marketing efforts.

Each quarter, our team conducted the following:

  • Ran SEO audits to ensure all new content and material matched the latest requirements for SEO
  • Implemented all technical changes to keep the site SEO-relevant
  • Researched and provided guidance on keywords to target for new content
  • Built quality backlinks for their business in conjunction with what their PR team was doing
The Results

Designed & delivered a recipe for digital success

Over the past few years that BSH Group has engaged with Whitetower, they’ve seen a massive positive uplift in organic traffic, entries to their competitions and increase in bookings and sales for their digital showrooms and demonstrations.

Furthermore, the organic growth of their website has led to improvements in Search Engine visibility for both the Gaggenau and Neff brands and an ability to reach audiences in other states outside of Victoria which led to the conceptualisation and construction of a physical showroom in Sydney.

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Our objective is straightforward: we are dedicated to assisting businesses to thrive, and we offer measurable results that influence the bottom line.

“Whitetower provides more than just a solution. Its consultants provides our organisation with strategic thinking for all our digital challenges, based on our own particular needs. The team works hand-in-hand with our own internal team, and we can always rely on them to offer insights that are relevant when we need them.”

Andrew DuckmantonGeneral Manager of Digital Acquisitions, Lottoland

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