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The Challenge

A Non-For-Profit digital transformation

Documentary Australia Foundation wanted to engage a digital agency who could assist with turning their ideas and requests into reality, by digitally transforming their business and taking them from an "over the phone" donation business to an online donation and subscription business.

Our Approach

Getting them to the next level of digital

Donations Taken
Films Created
Active Daily Users

Our experts needed to devise a strategy that could help achieve Habitania’s goals while still using their under performing and unfriendly website while maintaining existing levels of sales and engagement they have came to see from their best performing stores.

Since there was little to no community nor digital experience provided by Habitania, Whitetower saw this as an opportunity to create engaging content, raise awareness and build a strategy to build up their audience and build a clearer picture of who their customers and potential customers are.

Whitetower focused on 4 key strategies that built the uplift for Habitania:

  1. Deliver lead magnets and competitions to understand who their customers are
  2. Utilised influencers such as famous interior architects to provide master classes to inspire customers and drive foot traffic and sales for their stores
  3. Created Shopping PPC ads to drive traffic and online sales
  4. Used traditional media in combination with digital to track store based promotions

Interviews, Workshops & Design

With a complex digital transformation project like Documentary Australia Foundation – it was essential to understand how the current film makers and donors were using the first version, what they wanted to see and how important were existing or desired functionality to them.

By uncovering this and mapping it against the business workflows and the DAF staff’s pain points, we found multiple problems that could be solved with an automated system that connected each of DAF’s digital assets together.

Over the course of the next two months, Whitetower worked closely with Documentary Australia Foundation and interviewed existing film makers, donors and internal stakeholders. After the interviews and workshops were completed, we designed a solution that would further improve DAF’s process by:

  • Automating all donations using a payment gateway
  • Connecting and automatically reconciling all donations and tax receipts via XERO
  • Building reporting and automated approval processes into manual concierge style workflows
  • Rebranding the business
  • Storing and tracking all data by connecting all assets into Salesforce
  • Building a better user experience for the donation component
  • Create new features to increase donations on the site

Saving time makes you money

Reduction in Admin Work
Increase in donations
Additional films approved monthly

With the second version well and truly on it’s way, DAF continues to work with us closely building out new features and components to improve on the site and drive a better connective experience between film makers, users and donors.

Our creation of this platform has also helped the DAF team better understand their customers and place more utilisation and overview in their business of the types of films and donations they get into the business.

Our successful digital transformation has led to:

  • Significant reductions in time saved completing administrative tasks such as tax receipt creations
  • Increased donation amounts per film
  • Increased direct donations to Documentary Australia Foundation
  • Increased amounts of new films being approved and added into the website for the public to see
  • Better visibility of customers and donors
The Results

The ever changing and growing nature of digital

From successfully launching Version 1 a few years ago, moving into the successful launch of Version 2 of Documentary Australia Foundation’s website and platform, we are now continually working hand in hand with DAF as their digital partners.

Our next phase and version of the platform will see the new brand, improved functionality and introduction of new products and features which will expand the DAF network and in turn grow the film making industry in Australia.

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