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Whitetower has now been in operation for over 4 years, with it’s grass roots starting in Sydney, Australia – our business has grown with a portfolio of clients and partners that stretch around the world (in particular, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco & New York City).

If you’re new to Whitetower, or if you’ve worked with us before or are continually working with us – you know that we work as a close-knit team and with a network of agents around the world.

So what does this mean for Whitetower & us, the clients?


Whitetower will still offer the same quality of work and value, that you’ve come to know and love about us. The only difference now, is that we offer it on a global scale and we offer it for longer periods of time! If you’re in Sydney, the work clock now extends over the usual 9-5, and into the later hours of the night.

The New York office focuses primarily on strategic consultancy work as well as online marketing, but we’re hoping to expand the team to provide development, design and technical support in the near future.

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