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The Challenge

Establishing a strong digital footprint and more

Tailored Athlete wanted help with their marketing strategy, website and global expansion. They needed support understanding how to make their business more efficient and engaged us to support their growth based on our eCommerce experience.

Our Approach

Utilising our eCommerce experience to help their expansion

Longer Time on Site
Increase in Average Cart Size
Increase in Profit Margins

Tailored Athlete engaged us to explore the option of converting their Shopify store into a WooCommerce store, upon our initial discussions and research, we decided the best approach was to improve efficiencies in their business and fix the user experience (UX) of their website.

We delivered this through multiple phases, which included:

  • Introduction of Collection based quick view and add to cart
  • Promotion tags
  • Bundled Product packs
  • Automation of product reviews
  • Loyalty Programs

Scaling through improving margins

Tailored Athlete started their business in the England and expanded into the whole of UK before going over into Western Europe. During this expansion, they started their engagement with us and wanted our assistance in driving further growth and sales in their business.

After working with Tailored Athlete over a few months, we uncovered several inefficiencies in their business, such as inventory management, no marketing automation and no tracking of shipping. All these points lead to a lot of concierge work for the team which meant an increase in operational costs and slow down in customer service and care.

As part of our overall solution to improve Tailored Athlete, we helped automate their business through:

  • Sourcing a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company to manage both tracking and inventory of their business
  • Introduced a series of marketing automation apps such as Klaviyo & Stamped.io to improve sales and capture customers that fell out of the funnel
  • Integrating a Customer Relationship Manager platform (CRM) into their business to manage and automate support tickets to improve customer care

The Multi-Million Dollar Global Expansion

Increase in Sales
Increase in returning customers
Growth in Customer Database

Using the data, experience and learnings achieved in the original expansion into Western Europe, we took the insights to help us develop a strategy that can be replicated to match the USA market.

We built an emphasis on brand awareness and developed a loyalty and affiliate program that helped us leverage popular online stores and marketplaces as well as influencers, bloggers and vloggers to help build our initial marketing pool.

After several months of brand awareness marketing, we moved into building out the funnel through a use of competitions, PPC campaigns and using less traditional digital channels such as Pinterest and Tiktok (at the time).

The Results

Success further emphasised through copy-cats.

Our results in helping Tailored Athlete with their website, business automation and marketing expansion has allowed them to establish a strong foothold in the industry, which led to the creation of copy-cats and competitors.

Our success has allowed Tailored Athlete to expand their product line, introducing pants, shoes and are now currently researching leading technology and fabrics to use for their future products and to keep their competitive advantage over their competitors.

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