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The Challenge

Building the right user experience

Microsoft wanted an agency to help support their build for a series of landing pages that could be integrated into their main website that provided resources and knowledge to parents, children and teachers on the best Intel-based laptops to be used in school. They engaged Whitetower to design and build these landing pages that could dynamically and easily integrate into their content management system.

Our Approach

Creating a microsite within their main website

The design of the pages needed to match the brand guidelines provided by Microsoft, as well as use existing elements and styling of the main website to avoid any confusion when navigating between areas on the site.

Whitetower designed a series of landing pages focusing on a key “master” parent landing page which could be used to navigate between the sections of this microsite. The information architecture created for the microsite was built to keep users within the main area of that website ensuring they were not lost inside a ‘rabbithole’.

Working with existing frameworks and restrictions

With the approved designs and information architecture, it was now time for our engineers to build the landing pages for Microsoft. The challenge proposed to us during the build was creating sections within the HTML and utilising their CMS’s templating language without having access to see if our engineer’s code was implemented correctly.

Our engineers completed the task, through:

  • Using a VPN to bypass restrictions, allowing us to review our code directly on their CMS
  • Interviewed internal development stakeholders to understand the CMS in better detail
  • Developed the landing pages initially using HTML/CSS to ensure it was working correctly
The Results

With great work, comes great landing pages

Upon completion of the microsite, these were easily integrated into Microsoft’s main website for Australia and to this day, is still being used with no need for further upgrades or changes.

Our dynamic approach to building code, allowed their internal development team to easily integrate our work and our method to testing lending to a flawless launch.

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