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The Challenge

Excelling in a crowded market with digital

Hitachi is one of the most well known brands that supply electronic tools and equipment to the business sector. They wanted to find methods to build strong brand awareness and incentivise retailes to promote and sell their brand against the competition.

Our Approach

Building a loyalty program with a twist

New Member Sign Ups
Promotion Claims

Hitachi engaged us to work with our experts to understand and find new and interesting ways to promote and grow sales for their large venue projects and power tool divisions. Since Hitachi sold directly to retailers and did not go directly to consumer it made the process much harder for them.

This was how the Hitachi Clubhouse was born, our experts delivered a strategy to create a retailer-focused clubhouse that included calculator tools, PDF resources for installation guides and product inspiration guides over to discount claims and a points and rewards program.

Our team created the clubhouse to generate a gamification process to force retailers to push their products over their competitors.

The WordPress CMS built differently

The website was built to source all the marketing and installation guides, as well as other helpful material and tools that could help Hitachi’s Retailers better sell their tools. Since there was a lot of sensitive material on this website, it was essential that we created a closed community that only users that were provided access to were allowed to see the website and it’s content.

The build of the website also needed to match up in alignment with one of Hitachi’s major roadshow events, where they were planning to showcase and announce the clubhouse – meaning the build of the site had to be done quickly and still offer the flexibility and usability to customers and the Hitachi marketing team.

Over the next two months, Whitetower designed and built a gated WordPress website that included:

  • Points & Rewards platform
  • Knowledgebase with an advanced text-based search tool
  • Recommendation Calculators
  • Wall Projector Calculators to determine length and location to install Hitachi’s projectors

A unique approach to B2B marketing

Unique Impressions Per month
EOI per month to use the platform
EDM Sign Ups per month

AFG further engaged us for ongoing monthly support and assistance with change requests and questions raised by their customers when using the SmartOnline platform.

Over the course of the past two years, Whitetower worked directly with AFG’s marketing team and their customers providing support and technical implementation to deliver new features, embed new widgets (for example an Instagram and Twitter feed) to building new landing pages for their customer’s website and continuing to monitor and keep their SmartOnline platform operational.

With the proposed the system in place, our solution scaled correctly and was able to run smoothly with 99% uptime without issues.

When deploying new features to the website, we utilise a blue/green continuous integration method that allowed the site to transition into a newer version with updates and new features without any down time.

The Results

An amped up loyalty program

From building a gated WordPress website for their Clubhouse, to managing their PPC and EDM campaigns, we designed, implemented and executed on a growth strategy to drive awareness to a niche B2B market using a unique incentive loyalty program.

This program saw a massive increase in interest, allowing Hitachi to establish a strong foothold in the industry for Large Venue Projectors and their Powertools.

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