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Helping Not-For-Profits and Charities Expand Their Reach to Help Those Who Need It the Most.


Create perpetual, genuine connections with your donors and volunteers with Whitetower NFP Digital Transformation and NFP Digital Marketing Consulting Solutions.

Inspiring individuals to participate in charitable causes and make connections is more difficult than it has ever been due to the impact of COVID and other far-reaching extenuating circumstances impacting donations and volunteers alike.

Going digital for NFPs demands a lot of research, experience, and creative thinking since it involves expanding your network and brand to directly target individuals who can actually make a difference. Whitetower can assist with this through the use of digital marketing for non-profit organisations and digital transformation for non-profit organisations.

A meaningful digital transformation

We work closely with the NFPs and charities we serve to find the most cost-effective ways to help them in the long run, to ensure ongoing success through specialised NFP digital marketing and NFP digital transformation engagements: from small campaigns through to full-scale digital transformation and ongoing support, Whitetower is always proud to be the preferred partner for non-for-profits, aligning our vision and strategy with your goals.

Curious to see how we can work together?

The NFP Digital Transformation Team at Whitetower bolsters the in-house technology or marketing function within your organisation, with the experience and expertise to support your team and new systems.

We can automate your donation process and save your time and resources or we provide NFP digital marketing and fund-raising support services for NFPs and can help with NFP Digital Transformation to streamline the way you operate and improves both the employee and donor experience for maximum ROI

Marketing Partner

For charities and non-profit organisations, marketing is critical. It can help with fundraising, volunteer recruiting and raising awareness for your cause. Whether you’re wanting to publicise an upcoming event, attract new volunteers, enhance your fundraising efforts, or simply express the value of your cause to your audience, Whitetower will help you choose the most effective and cost-effective NFP marketing strategies to achieve your objectives.

Integration Partner

Whitetower is aware of the inherent need for non-profit organisations may handle their digital marketing, digital communications, and technology stack in a more effective and efficient manner. Charities and other non-profit organisations do business in a way that sets them apart from other organisations; as a result, these organisations require specialised solutions which are tailored for NFP systems integration and NFP digital transformation solutions.

Creative Focused to drive attention & results

Whitetower has specialist NFP marketing use-cases that help you get your message out to a global audience across all digital marketing platforms by taking advantage of the different digital marketing channels and online platforms that use content to make real connections.

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