Grow Your Traffic & Capture Leads WithSEO Strategies

With billions of websites currently out there, SEO is the one tried and true marketing strategy that will help grow your inbound traffic. Having a good SEO strategy behind your website will be the difference between no-one reading it, and having your potential customers reading it daily.

Ensuring your website and all of its content is optimised for search engines ins one of the most effective ways to raise your profile, increase awareness of your brand and to drive traffic to your services or products.

We will work with you to build the correct information architecture (making sure your website looks the way search engines want it to), while running audits and building you a content strategy that will keep your rankings high.

Keyword Research

With over 3.5 billion searches on Google per day, our team takes the guess work out of SEO by conducting in-depth keyword research and analysis specifically tailored for your brand to insure relevancy in your content and meta tags.

Defining The Architecture

We build out a proper information architecture that allows Google to easily crawl and read the content on your website. This architecture will show you g=how you should structure your website while also contributing to ease of usability for your website users. This will help your brand make the most out of the search engine algorithms to keep your website performing.

Writing The Content

Content is one of the biggest driving forces behind your SEO strategy. With a team of content creators and writers, Whitetower can craft compelling copy that, when combined, will power your SEO and drive up rankings.

Monthly Reporting

Every month with our reporting, you can see exactly how your website is performing on various search engines. We will show you what keywords you are ranking for, and give you a strategy to keep improving your ongoing performance.

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